With more than 10 years experience in teaching guitar Sounds Perfect Studio provides state of the art teaching programs to the student. I am a Fretlight Certified Teacher, http://fretlight.com/teachers/18, with Working with Children Certificate (WWC) and Police Clearance. My passion is to deliver the gift of music to others so that their creativity and talent will shine.

For information about Fretlight Guitars follow this link, http://fretlight.com, or press the button below.

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Fretlight Guitars are beautifully crafted instruments with one ingenious difference - they are equipped with a built-in LED Learning System that lights the finger positions for chords, scales, songs, riffs, and even tablature right where players need the information most, under their fingertips. Connecting to a PC or Mac, the Fretlight system uses interactive video lessons and play-along exercises to create a faster, more dynamic way to learn guitar.

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